Welcome to the HIV/AIDS Resource Center
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Founded in 1986, the HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC) has served thousands of people in Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties. As the only comprehensive AIDS service organization in its Michigan four county area, HARC's mission is to provide HIV related services to the community through compassionate direct care, prevention and outreach activities. We invite you to explore HARC and learn about HIV testing, the depth of services HARC provides and how you can get involved.

HARC News: We've merged


In order to strengthen the response to HIV in Southeast Michigan, AIDS Partnership Michigan (APM) and HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC) have merged.  Together, we are uniting to serve Southeast Michigan through innovation, shared resources and expertise.

Together, APM and HARC will serve ten counties with a population of nearly five million residents and where 63% of people living with HIV reside.  The merger will enhance our capacity in key areas, including programming, access to funding, community-based research, and delivery of HIV-related health care services. With the joining of APM and HARC, we are proud to be working with Uproar Communications in Ann Arbor to create a new brand for our organization. This entails a new name, a new logo a new look! Stay tuned for more on this exciting development and thank you for supporting HARC and your dedication to the health of our community. We value your partnership.

See full merger press release here.

AIDS Walk Detroit - Sunday, September 13, 2015

AIDS Walk logo

AIDS Walk is back in the mix for HARC and APM. Instead of staging our own walk, we are joining forces with AIDS Walk Detroit this year. This saves on event expenses, allowing the majority of the funds you raise to go towards supporting the work of your local AIDS service organization. You can register as a member of the APM/HARC team by visiting the Detroit AIDS Walk 2015 website Note, the registration fee is just $25.

Join together with HARC and APM to help us raise $10,000 this year. With your help, we can make it happen.