HIV Testing
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Tested: yes, Status: sexy

Visit to learn more about the Status Sexy campaign and knowing your HIV status.

Same day HIV Testing

HARC provides free anonymous or confidential, same day HIV testing, counseling and referral services in our Ypsilanti office, on the U of M campus, local area substance abuse treatment agencies and various other locations in Washtenaw county via an outreach van.

Simply call 734-572-9355 to make an appointment or to learn more. Get your results in about 30 minutes.

HIV Testing Hours and Locations.

Our testing clinic is well-known for our friendly, comfortable and safe environment. All test counselors are trained and certified by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Why is getting tested important?

Getting an HIV test, as well as getting tested for other STDs, is a great way to assess your sexual health. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that testing in and of itself does not provide direct protection against HIV or other STDs. Finding out your HIV status now, helps to keep you and others healthy.

When Should I Get Tested?

The antibodies to HIV in the body is what our test looks for, not HIV itself. Antibodies are produced by the immune system to fight off germs. On average, it can take 25 days to 3 months (with most people taking 25 days) for HIV antibodies to show up in the bloodstream, from the time a person has been infected with HIV. This is called the Window Period.

For information about the Window Period contact a HARC Prevention Specialist at 734-572-9355 or learn more here, from

Wonder if you should get tested?

Our HIV Risk Assessment is a simple way to give you a sense of whether you should get an HIV test. It only take a minute. Just answer these questions. This assessment is strictly confidential. HARC collects no data.